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Mayor Mayor Bruce Bowling 304-536-1454 ext 205 Email
City Manager Lloyd Haynes 304-536-1454 Email
Finance Department Linda Coleman 304-536-1454 Email
City Clerk Linda Coleman, Carolyn Ware, Teresa Parker, Tami Fury and Frances Newsome 304-536-1454 Email
Police Department Chief D. S. Teubert 304-536-1466 Email
Municipal Court Judge Charles D. Beard 304-536-1454 Email
City Council GP Parker, Audrey Van Buren, Chris Hanna, Mark Gillespie, Mary Collins and Recorder Kathy Glover 304-536-1454 Email
Water Department David Bleigh 304-536-3850 Email
Wastewater Treatment Plant David Bleigh 304-536-0206 Email
Maintenance Department David Lovelace 304-536-1020 Email
Parks & Recreation Audrey Van Buren 304-536-1454
Rescue Thomas Hayes (304)536-4122 Email
White Sulphur Springs Volunteer Fire Department Brian Dolin 304-536-3993 Email
Main Street White Sulphur Springs Main Street Email
Library 304-536-1171 Contact
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