Wastewater (Sewer)


Ronnie Tipton
Chief Operator

Waste Water Treatment Plant

The City of White Sulphur Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant is a vertical loop reactor system with a design of 2.5 MGD and a peak of 8 MGD with a daily average flow of 1.1 MGD. The plant came online in 2011 and is rated at a Level 3 with Class A designation for phosphorus removal. In 2016, the plant was upgraded with 12 dynasand sand filters to meet phosphorus limitation on the Greenbrier River system to help lower the algae growth in the river. In 2018, the facility was awarded an Environmental Award from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.  The plant services the City of White Sulphur Springs, the Greenbrier Hotel complex and the Greenbrier Sporting Club. Board Members include Mayor Kathy Glover, Karen Wines and David Dent.


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